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Advantages of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be used for cosmetic or medical reasons. In this procedure, your dentist places a cover on the tooth from the gums up to the chewing surface. Here are a few benefits of dental crowns.

Cosmetic Enhancement

Teeth can easily become stained and damaged over the years. While most people have dental crowns placed as part of a larger reconstruction, the cosmetic benefits are noticeable. This procedure restores a tooth to smooth white perfection.

Repair Damage

The most common reason for having a dental crown is to remedy damage such as cracking or chipping as a result of worn enamel or a larger restorative procedure, such as a root canal, to take care of decay. The crown helps the tooth become more resistant to future damage. It can also reduce painful symptoms related to sensitivity.

Durable and Resistant

The material used for this enhancement is much more resistant than regular tooth enamel. Dental caps are often made of ceramic or a porcelain material fused to metal, but can sometimes be made of gold or base metal alloys. They can last decades if properly cared for.
If you have extensive tooth decay or your teeth are chipped, stained or damaged, your dentist may talk to you about placing a dental crown. Contact Palmetto Denture Care, PA to learn more about the advantages of dental crowns.