• We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We opened in 1979, but Dr. James Fields the owner, has served Spartanburg since 1974.
  • Our long warranties and free adjustment periods assure you that we have confidence in the products we use and the employees who serve you.
  • Our convenient payment options and same day service can give you the beautiful smile you have always wanted.
  • We accept Cash, Check (with valid ID), Visa, Mastercard, Insurance on consignment upon verification, Medicaid, Vocational Rehab and Mental Health.
  • We also offer CareCredit, which has several payment options, all subject to approval, which takes as little as 10 minutes to find out if you qualify.
  • We offer FREE new patient consultations.
  • Our lab is on premises for quick efficient service.
  • No appointment necessary.
  • Walk-ins and emergencies welcome.
  • We have four dentists on board and always three to serve you Monday thru Friday. All four dentists rotate days but if you prefer to see a particular one you can call before you come in to make sure the Dentist you wish to see is available.
Palmetto Denture Care BBB Business Review



The Economy Denture
Acrylic Type - Plain pink / no veins acrylic
Teeth - Least expensive teeth
Choose shape & shade of tooth - No
Wax try in for appearance - No wax try in
Warranty - 6 months warranty
Free Adjustments - 6 months free adjustments

$ 245.00

$ 399.00

The Personalized Denture
Acrylic Type - Veined characterized acrylic
Teeth - Least expensive teeth
Choose shape & shade of tooth - Yes
Wax try in for appearance - 2 free wax try ins
Warranty - 18 months warranty
Free Adjustments - 18 months warranty

$ 390.00

$ 540.00

The Premium Denture
Acrylic Type - Hi impact characterized acrylic
Teeth - More expensive/ more natural teeth
Choose shape & shade of tooth - Yes
Wax try in for appearance - 5 free wax try ins
Warranty - 36 months warranty
Free Adjustments - 36 months free adjustments

$ 510.00

$ 710.00

The Ultimate Denture
Acrylic Type - Hi impact Lucitone 199 acrylic
Teeth - Our most expensive teeth
Choose shape & shade of tooth - Yes
Wax try in for appearance - Unlimited wax try ins
Warranty - 5-year warranty
Free Adjustments - Lifetime free adjustments

$ 735.00

$ 995.00

10 Year Warranty Unlimited Package
First Ultimate Denture
Second Ultimate Denture
Free Reline

Package Value

Your cost

$ 735.00
$ 735.00
$ 150.00


$ 999.00
$ 621.00

$ 995.00
$ 995.00
$ 270.00


$ 861.00

Get your second denture anytime within your 10- year warranty period.


Economy Partial
This partial is for one to two upper front teeth only. Made with uncharacterized acrylic. 6 month adjustment and 6 month warranty.

$ 285.00

High Impact Partial
Made with high impact acrylic for a longer
lasting partial. 5 year adjustment and a 2
year warranty.

$ 395.00

Cast Metal Partial
A vitallium frame and a high impact acrylic
to provide the greatest strength and less
thickness for more comfort. 2 year warranty.
5 year adjustment.

$ 635.00

Lower dentures are always loose. Basically they sit on your lower ridge with nothing to hold them in place. WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! Imagine walking in with a loose lower denture and leaving in approximately 2 hours with a lower denture that is stable.


Flexible Partial
This partial has no wire clasps that show when you smile. It puts less stress on the abutment teeth because it is not rigid and therefore is more comfortable. It has a two year warranty and two years of free adjustments.


Dentures and partials that are placed within 2 months of extractions will be loose and will need to be relined after healing is complete. There is a charge for the reline as this is not an adjustment.

• Reline Single
• Reline Set
• Repairs

$75.00 &Up

Full Mouth X-ray


Extraction (per tooth) simple


Extraction (per tooth) complicated, broken


Extraction (per tooth) impacted


Gold Denture Crown


Bone Reduction (per quadrant)


We gladly accept insurance claims on consignment. If your services are covered, you only have to pay your deductible and your percentage of cost, and we will bill the insurance company for the balance.

Nobody offers better warranties or longer free adjustment periods. We have your best interest at heart, and we thank you for allowing us to serve you.