After Extraction

The proper care following oral surgical procedures will hasten recovery and prevent complications.

Tomorrow you may rinse your mouth gently every three to four hours (especially after meals) using one-quarter teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water.

Following extractions, some bleeding is to be expected. If persistent bleeding occurs, place gauze pads over the bleeding area and bite down firmly for one-half hour. Repeat if necessary.

An ice bag or chopped ice wrapped in a towel should be applied to the operated area – one-half hour on and one-half hour off for four to five hours.

For mild to average pain, use any nonaspirin-type of medication you like.

Light diet is advisable during the first 24 hours. Do not use a straw and do not eat or drink anything extremely hot or cold.

Small sharp bone fragments may work up through the gums during healing. These are not roots; if they are annoying, return to this office for their simple removal.

We at Palmetto Denture Care want all our patients to know we are taking the time to train and manage our staff as to the latest standards in cleaning and health measures. Due to COVID-19, we kindly ask that you call first to set a time to come in. Call us today!